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Synthetic Biology: It’s life Ben, but not as we know it.

Synthetic biology is a new area of biological research that combines biology and engineering in order to design and build ("synthesize") new biological functions and systems in cells. The controversial scientist Craig J Venter and his team built the first … Continue reading

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A Trip To Mars: Hollywood Or Hell?

On November 4th 2011, after 520 days in a sealed containment vessel in Russia, 6 would be astronauts completed their simulated mission to Mars. The Mars500 study, a collaboration between the European Space Agency and Russia’s Institute for Biomedical Problems … Continue reading

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Population 7 Billion: A Cause For Celebration?

This week the UN’s population division announced the 7 billionth human has been born. Now 7 billion is a BIG number by any terms but just how does a population of 7 billion humans compare to other species and more … Continue reading

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